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Rise of Asian Tiger; Vietnam!

Home to 98 Million People, with $21 Billion FDI Investment in 2020, Total Export of $281.5 Billion, with %2,9 Increase in GDP, the Highest of All Asia and Free Trade with Over 15 Surrounding Countries including ASEAN Members, We give you the roaring asian tiger!

Rapidly developing industries, investor friendly government and trending investment strategies provide opportunities for FDI. Agricultural, manufacturing, textile, garments and recently the trend moves up for technology, software and hardware development industries.

You may even think about Singapore as a leader and strong country but the statistics indicate that Singapore had %1.9 decline in their GDP. With its %3.9 GDP increase, Vietnam is even faster and stronger than China. Vietnam is continuing its leadership in Asia.

Exporting mainly luxury goods, cars, motorbikes, clothing. It is projected that Vietnam will continue to be leader in the area.

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